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The National Federation of Music Clubs hosts a Music Festival annually in the spring  for the purpose of encouraging students to a higher level of musicianship.  This gives students the opportunity to be heard by someone other than their own teacher, and helping them realize that they are part of a large community of young musicians. For students under the age of 19, this is a wonderful opportunity to challenge themselves as a growing musician. Each student will play two pieces of music by memory before a judge for the piano solo event. They will receive a written critique, ranking, and a certificate of participation. The Festival is not a contest; therefore, students do not compete with one another, but strive to do their individual best. Each year students earn points towards a national Gold Cup Trophy for participation and their rating. Students also receive a certificate of participation. Students who receive a Superior rating will receive a national certificate that will be presented at the end of the year recital.

Students must register in advance to participate, please talk with me to register for this event. 

Music will be distributed in the fall and must be memorized by February 1.
The registration fee is $15 per student for each event entry.


Date and Location:   

Carmel Presbyterian Church

2048 Carmel Road

Charlotte, NC 28226

Saturday, February 23th, 2019

Your child's exact time to play will be announced closer to the date of the Festival.  They only need to come for that specific time, not the whole day.


Each student will be heard individually and given a performance rating by another local music professional, always referred to as the “Judge". The performance will be judged on accuracy of notes, rhythm, dynamics, memory, and general musicianship. Ratings will be given based on what the judge hears the day of the Festival.  Each rating is worth points and when a student accumulates 15 points they earn their first national Gold Cup Trophy. Trophies increase in size as the student earns more points.

Superior - Highest performance rating. It is given for a very accurate performance. The performance must be, in the opinion of the judge, superior. (5 points)

Excellent -  Honor rating. It is given for a performance with a high degree of accuracy. Excellent is a rating to be proud of. (4 points)

Satisfactory -  Shows promise but needs attention to detail. It is given for a performance with obvious errors whether caused by nervousness or other factors. This is a desirable rating. (3 points)

Fair - Needs improvement. It is given if the judge feels many areas need improvement (2 points)

Needs Improvement – Unprepared (1 point)
The decision of the judge is final. There is nothing that the Festival chairman or your teacher can do to change a rating. If the rating is less than hoped for, help your child to accept the disappointment and focus on preparation for future events. Everyone involved in the Festival (monitors, judges, teachers and many behind-the-scene-workers) wants the Festival to be a happy and stimulating experience for your child. If the student is well prepared, the Festival should go well for him or her. Encourage your child to work hard now to be able to relax and enjoy performing the day of the Festival.  I will pass out a reminder the week before with specific directions for parking and where to go.
Get Directions To:
1201 Elizabeth Avenue
Charlotte NC 28204